Ma il tuo Jawbone Live Up funziona ancora?

Disastro annunciato per Jawbone Up a causa di alcuni difetti di fabbricazione che hanno reso inutilizzabili tutti i braccialetti tanto da obbligare la casa madre a rifondere il prezzo di acquisto senza chiedere spiegazioni.
Ma ne esiste ancora qualcuno funzionante al mondo?
Questa è una bella domanda davvero!

Ordinarily, we’d be dismissive if you answered that question with “Doy, make it work!” but in the special case of the Jawbone Up, it’s entirely apt. The wristband promised plenty of technological advances that would track your sleep, calories burned and diarize your food intake, all within the confines of a slender cord wrapped around your wrist.

The downside?

A significant proportion of the units conked out days after being opened, forcing the company to offer no-questions-asked refunds and halt production.

So, what we want to know is: do you have a working Up? Does it still work?

Do you like it? If Hosain Rahman was reading the comments below, how would you suggest he goes about fixing things?

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