LG's Google TV-enabled sets coming to US end of MayTanto va la gatta al Lardo che poi ci lascia lo zampino, Google ci ritenta per il lancio della Google TV che in versione set top box fu un clamoroso fallimento.

E’ chiaro che per avere successo nel mondo della smart tv la tecnologia deve essere assolutamente embedded all’interno dell’apparecchio e questa volta Google sembra proprio avere capito la lezione.

Ecco quindi in arrivo sul mercato americano per la fine di maggio le prime SmartTv di Lg con all’interno Google TV, vediamo cosa ne penserà il mercato.

LG revealed two Google-loaded TVs at CES, but never gave us prices or told us when these LED models might dangle their skinny bezels in stores.

In briefings at Google last week, we heard that the 47-incher (47G2) and 55-incher (55G2) would sell for $1699 and $2299 respectively — although Amazon already has them listed significantly cheaper than that.

Now, to complete the jigsaw, Reuters has quoted LG exec Ro Seogho as saying that these Google TVs will ship in the US from May 21st. In the meantime, check out our hands-on from Las Vegas, because that new QWERTY-equipped Magic Motion remote is especially enticing.


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